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      Why Hospital Mart

      Our Mission

      We recognise that there are financial problems in health services across the world. We are very aware that every hospital is carrying surplus equipment. In some cases the volumes, and or the values, can be considerable.

      We also know that worldwide, there exists a need for good quality pre-used / surplus equipment and supplies of every kind.

      Our mission is to facilitate the transfer of this equipment, from those who wish to liquidate it, to those who can continue to benefit from it. Worthwhile life extension of medical equipment is our goal.

      Liquidate Surplus Medical Equipment

      The benefits of liquidating this equipment:-

      • Release finance to fund service provision.
      • Reduce stocks, with the attendant costs of inventory, storage, insurance and administration.
      • Pass on under utilised equipment to activities which can continue to benefit from it. This results in lower spend for the health service and raised service provision level.

      Why Sell/Buy Equipment Through Hospital Mart?

      1. Simplicity.
        Selling or requesting equipment through the Hospital Mart is very simple – by design.
        We avoid every unnecessary complication. You register, issue your Purchase Order or pay the listing fee, advertise and transact with respondents.
        There are no membership requirements or time consuming bidding auctions to participate in. The transactions are settled between the two important parties – buyer and seller.
      2. Ethics.
        We at the Hospital Mart are health service professional ourselves. We understand how health service professionals do business. We know the conventions, the standards and the requirements of trading in this environment. We have intentionally differentiated the Hospital Mart from the many auction sites which proliferate the web.
      3. Donation contribution.
        Hospitalmart is totally committed to improved utilisation of financial resources in health service provision. In some countries, the need for equipment is extreme but the ability to pay is minimal. Hospitalmart donates a percentage of its revenue to help to fund the acquisition of essential equipment in such circumstances.

      Organisations to benefit from using the Hospitalmart include:-
      Hospital Trusts
      Private hospitals
      Overseas hospitals
      Specialist hospitals
      Medical equipment manufacturers
      Medical equipment service companies

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