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      Sell your pre-owned, redundant, surplus and unwanted medical equipment, slow moving supplies, pharmaceuticals, and disposables.

      Hospitalmart brings hospitals, PCT’s, NHS Hubs, Procurement and Supplies Departments into contact with other NHS/Healthcare organisations who wish to purchase good quality new, or pre owned medical equipment and slow moving supplies, pharmaceuticals, and disposables.

      Hospitalmart is also aimed at NHS Suppliers and Manufacturers, internal NHS Service Providers, Private and healthcare organisations.

      How to use the Hospital Mart – Using Hospital Mart could not be simpler.

      To Sell surplus medical equipment supplies, pharmaceuticals, disposables or service capacity:- To locate surplus medical equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, disposables or service capacity:-
      • Decide what you want to sell and the price that you want for it
      • Create an account
      • Log in and complete the advert
      • Send a Purchase Order to Hospital Mart
      • Negotiate the transaction with the buyers who contact you.
      • Notify Hospital Mart when a sale is made.
       • Log in and complete the advert
      • Pay the appropriate advertising fee
      • Negotiate the sale with sellers who contact you.

      On the Advertise Products page and also on our FAQ, you will find advice on the important considerations involved in selling and buying pre-used and surplus hospital equipment and slow moving supplies. For any unanswered queries you can e-mail us via the contact page.

      The Hospital Mart is designed by health care professionals, for use by health care professionals. Find out more.

      Time Poor? – We can help!
      We know that many hospital managers would like to use this service, but their numerous responsibilities leave them ‘time poor’. For a nominal £50 fee, taken from the proceeds of sale, we will produce and apply your ad for you.

      To view the list of product classifications please visit Buy.


      Hospital Mart has introduced a totally customer oriented method of paying for the use of this facility to sell your surplus equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals & disposables.
      You simply place your Ad, send us a Purchase Order and tell us when you have completed a sale. We then invoice you for 5 % of the published asking price– so you pay us out of the Extra Revenue we have helped you to generate!

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