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      Below is a list of all classifications that contain products offered at this time:

      ClassificationNo. of Products 
      Analysers1View Products
      Batteries2View Products
      Beds – Electric Adjustable1View Products
      Blood Pressure – Monitors2View Products
      Body Composition of Fluid1View Products
      Defibrillators2View Products
      Diagnostic Equipment1View Products
      Disposables – Medical1View Products
      Gloves – Sterile1View Products
      Imaging Equipment2View Products
      Laparoscopes & Laparoscopic Instruments1View Products
      Lifting & Handling Equipment1View Products
      Mats & Matting2View Products
      Miscellaneous2View Products
      Mobile Ultrasound Equipment4View Products
      Monitoring – Vital Signs1View Products
      Respiratory Products1View Products
      Surgical blades – single use1View Products
      Wheelchairs1View Products


      Browse services by classification:

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      Below is a list of all classifications that contain services offered at this time:

      ClassificationNo. of Services 
      Access Control Systems1View Services
      Air Conditioning Equipment & Supplies2View Services
      Bathroom Equipment1View Services
      Baths1View Services
      Bloodbank Equipment1View Services
      Catering Equipment1View Services
      CCTV Systems1View Services
      Fire Prevention Equipment3View Services
      Fly Screens1View Services
      Freezers1View Services
      Ice Machines2View Services
      Kitchens – Extraction Systems1View Services
      Lighting2View Services
      Lighting – Emergency2View Services
      Lighting – Hospital2View Services
      Lighting – Surgical2View Services
      Lighting – Theatre2View Services
      Lighting – Ward2View Services
      Lighting Design2View Services
      Management Services1View Services
      Nurse-call Systems1View Services
      Ophthalmic Equipment & Supplies1View Services
      Pictures & Art1View Services
      Refrigerated Display Cabinets2View Services
      Refrigeration2View Services
      Refrigeration – Medical2View Services
      Refrigerators2View Services
      Safety Consultants1View Services
      Sanitary Fixtures & Fittings1View Services
      Sanitary Ware1View Services
      Shower Fittings1View Services
      Shower Units1View Services
      Showers1View Services
      Stair Lifts1View Services
      Water Treatment Equipment & Supplies1View Services

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