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      Important Considerations When Buying Pre-Used / Surplus Equipment and Supplies
      Agree between both parties who will cover the transport and insurance costs.

      If export is involved, take advice from an experienced freight forwarder.

      Document the agreement for the benefit of both parties.

      Documentation may be required relating to standards compliance, service history, warranties and cross infection. See FAQ on this subject.

      You may wish to see the equipment operate before agreeing to purchase.

      If you have concerns about any issue involved in a transaction you may wish to take legal advice.

      The payment arrangements are to be negotiated between the parties.
      In certain circumstances you may wish to agree staggered payment.
      When paying by credit card, some form of insurance may be provided by the credit card company.

      If you are dealing with an overseas hospital or healthcare organisation, the transaction should be conducted on a pro-forma basis, i.e. always ensure payment is received before releasing the goods.

      Hospitalmart’s Role
      Hospitalmart act purely as an introduction medium. We have no involvement whatsoever in transactions between the parties. We have no input in the content of the adverts placed and cannot verify the accuracy of any statements made by advertisers.

      Prescriptive / Controlled Pharmaceuticals and Medicines
      Hospital Mart has liaised with the Home Office and the MHRA with regard to the sale of prescriptive pharmaceuticals and medicines.
      It has been confirmed to us that the sale of prescriptive pharmaceuticals and medicines is permitted via Hospital Mart but please note :-

      • All pharmaceuticals & medicines must be licensed.
      • All buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals & medicines must be licensed.
      • It is the responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction to ensure that the buyer, seller and product are all licensed.

      Compiling Your Advert
      To assist you in compiling your advert we have developed a checklist. This list is not exhaustive and but it could help clarify some important considerations.

      Does your product comply with any of the following standards:-
      ISO/British Standard/ DIN/ EN/ RoHS/FDA/other.

      Maintenance & Service
      Has the product been maintained within the manufacturers guidelines in relation to Service/Maintenance/Calibration?

      Are the manufacturers operating manuals, technical manuals or service manuals available with this product?

      Is the product still under a manufacturers warranty and if so how much of that warranty remains?

      Is a full range of spares still available from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) relating to your product(s)?

      Is the OEM of this product still trading?

      Is the product available on a PASA agreement?

      Cross Infection
      Is the product subject to a cross infection risk and if so has this risk been eliminated prior to sale via current guidelines?

      Does the price include the cost of transport?

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