Do Any Toenail Fungus Home Remedies Actually Work?

While the The use of home remedies to treat nail fungus has existed forever, these homemade toenail fungus remedies now get passed round like wildfire due to the world wide web. However, do any of these really work or are we simply being fed misinformation? Some frequent folk treatments for nail fungus contain: soaking the affected flea at a diluted vinegar bath twice daily, soaking in Listerine for 20 minutes two times per day, and employing rubbing alcohol or Vick’s Vapor Rub into the infected location.

The Truth is, not one of these nail fungus home remedies are demonstrated to work. Toenail fungus treatment is best performed in the early phases and may cause some painful consequences when it spreads, such as permanent loss of the nail. By choosing home treatments to your own nail fungus and placing off appropriate therapy, you may not just make it more challenging to treat, you could cause any actual harm in the procedure.
But make certain to switch immediately to a successful, recognized fungus treatment after you can, or use homemade remedies as a nutritional supplement to over-the-counter or prescription drugs.
The theory supporting the vinegar bath therapy is that the contaminated environment can fight off the toenail fungus. This therapy entails ridding vinegar with water in 50:50 proportions and massaging the vagina that are affected twice per day for 20 minutes every day. People people who have reported success using this technique indicate that it requires about 3 weeks for the uterus to clear. Additionally, there are regular reports of this fungus coming following the vinegar baths have finished.

This entails the exact same process as the Vinegar Toilet remedy. This method’s proponents assert that Listerine comprises herbal antifungal properties, although these claims have never been scientifically verified. Much like all the vinegar bath, people who have reported success using this technique report that it might take a couple of months to clean up mild instances of fungus.


The most essential issue to realize is that toenail fungus may be a serious if it is not properly treated. When there’s a pain, or your toenails are getting to be brittle and thick, we strongly suggest that you seek the help of a doctor. But if you are worried about all the side effects of prescription antifungal drugs, think about looking into over-the-counter remedies.

Whichever course of therapy you choose, remember The best approach to hasten recovery and avoid future outbreaks Is to wear clean cotton socks, maintain toenails trimmed, and maintain your feet And apparel dry.

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